Thursday, June 25, 2009


Feeling At Home

Ahmad was preparing to check into a hotel in Malaysia. "I hope my stay will comfortable," he said to the front desk manager.

"Sir, you will feel as if you are in your own home," assured the manager, drawing himself up proudly.
But he shrunk when he saw Ahmad cancel his booking, "Sir, what's wrong?"
"I'm going to another hotel. If i'm going to feel as if i'm at home, i might as well have stayed there."

Fishing Trip

Yusof phoned home from his office and told his wife, "I am going fishing for a week. We have to leave right away. So pack my clotes, my fishing equipment, and especially my blue silk pyjamas. I'll be home in an hour to pick them up."
He went home in a hurry and grabbed everything and rushed off.
A week later he returned. His wife asked, "Did you have a good trip, dear?"
"Oh yes, great! But you forgot to pack my blue silk pyjamas."
His wife smiled and said, "Oh no, I didn't. I put them in your tackle box!"


Good Defence

Fauzi rushed into the train station just as the train was leaving. Fauzi scolded his wife, "If you had hurried, we would not need to wait forty-five minutes for the next train."
"If you had not hurried me, we would only need to wait for the minutes for the next train," the wife countered.

I Prefer Your Daughter

"Uncle, I would like to marry your daughter," Khalid boldly declared to his girlfriend's father.
"Hmmm, have you seen my wife?" the father said.
"Yes, thank you. but I prefer your daughter," Khalid replied.

Please Re-Sign

Bala's new secretary, anxious to please, hurriedly finished a letter and gave it to him for signature. He detected a minor typing error, but signed the letter anyway.
Before she mailed it, the secretary noticed her mistake, so she type a revision and placed it on his desk with a note: 'Please resign'.

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