Thursday, July 2, 2009


This was taken from a seminar " The path to marriage " delivered by Dr. Ahmad Sakr. Hope you could benefit from these, Insya-Allah.

1. Remember that the girl you married is your very own wife.

2. A wife means your partner in everything; .
- she is not your employee .- she is not your servant .- she is not your other half ( ie , each is complimentary to each other) .- you might be 50:50 or 51:49

3. Your wife is sent to you from Allah swt as a gift. By appreciating the gift , you are appreciating Allah swt.

4. Your wife is still the daughter of her mother and father, this means you have to honor her parents as well as her brothers and sisters. You are also to honor her relatives as well.

5. You have to respect her parents in as much as you respect your own parents.

6. You have to recognize that, no matter how much your wife loves you, she will not love you as much as she loves her mother, father, brother and sisters.
7. Train your wife how to handle herself in your absence and after your death.

8. The life of a husband and wife is a life of consultation (Shura). No one is the Boss. The true Boss is only Allah swt .

9. Since many men die before women, you have to try your best to secure the future for your wife and your children.

10. Secure the future of your family financially, morally, socially, culturally and spiritually, otherwise they will be lost in the society. They will be a burden to the society as well, especially after your death .

11. Try to help your wife inside the house activities. Helping your wife at home will bring you together closer and closer. You will appreciate each other more, and you will increase your love to each other well as respect .

12. If you find that your wife did not take care of the house properly, don't criticize and don't blame her. Take the initiative yourself and fix it in a friendly and polite way.

13. Your relationship with your wife is to be kept between her and yourself. It is not the property of any person .

14. Let her know that you trust her. Then she will not hide things from you.

15. Never ever you should spy on her. You have to let her know that Allah swt sees, knows and records everything for you and for her. Nothing can be hidden from Allah swt.

16. She will never look up to you as a role model, until you demonstrate that by action.

17. Try to recite Qur'an daily. You read, she listens. Then she reads, you listen.

18. Try to surprise her with gifts to her and to her parents.

"Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find tranquility." {Surah Ar-Raad (13) : Verse 28}


GRuNGe said...

Erk, kalau orang macam saya ni, boleh baca ke? Lalalalala.

Muhd Suhaily said...

An Open Letter To A Woman Who Wants To ATTRACT And KEEP Mr. Right... become a husband.

Cik Skaf said...

grunge : kenapa pulak org mcm awak tak blh baca? simpan info nie utk jadi panduan bila awk dah beristeri nnti.. eheks.

Muhd Suhaily : hehehe..